Are you looking to save $100,000+ by refinancing your home loan and getting better cash flow and more flexibility?

If you currently have a loan with a bank, there’s a very high chance it is restricting your cash flow and limiting your wealth.

The loan was most likely designed to suit your lender, and not your long-term goals, or even your current situation.

Using the LifeFirst Wealth Accelerator System we are able to refinance our clients into better home loans, and that means:

  • Large savings on your mortgage, often $100,000K and more…
  • A better rate
  • Improved monthly cash flow
  • More flexibility to get your next investment property faster

We can offer such significant benefits to YOU because we have a large panel of lenders and can cherry-pick the top performers.

If you approach your bank for a loan or to refinance, you’ll probably have a choice of 3 or 4 loans. On the other hand, we have access to a huge range of different home loan packages and that gives us the flexibility to make sure you get the home loan that matches your needs.

That saves you a huge amount of time and best of all, our service is completely FREE for you. We do not charge a fee for service, meaning you really have nothing to lose and lots more wealth to gain.

What's more, in most cases we can arrange the entire refinance from the client kitchen table. Meaning you don't need to invest extra time to go and visit a solicitor.

If you’d like to find out more about how much you can save on your mortgage by refinancing, call us on 0800 168 768 or simply email now!